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Robert Hansen Born in the small town of Estherville Iowa on February, 15 of 1939 Robert was a normal boy. Shortly after he was born, his family moved to Pocahontas, Iowa. His parents were Christen and Edna Hansen. His father was a baker, and Robert often had to help with his father’s bakery. This is what started the hard times ahead for Robert. Robert’s father was a very intimidating man who yelled and otherwise verbally abused his son. He grew up a very skinny and shy child, never making friends. In his teen years Robert was even more of a recluse and could not talk to girls at his high school. He had a very bad stutter and therefor would get very nervous talking to girls. Robert also had a very bad case of acne which left his face scared. These two problem lead to Robert being bullied at school and abused at home. This was …show more content…

This skill set help him ruin the lives of many women. On June, 13th 1983 Robert attempted to load seventeen year old Cindy Paulson into his airplane while his family was away on vacation. His planes were foiled when she escaped from his grasp and ran from the airport down the highway. A disgruntled truck driver spotted her and stopped to pick her up. He took her to the Mush Inn, went to his place of work, and called the Anchorage Police Department. He reported picking up a barefoot, handcuffed woman. In Cindy’s testimony, she claimed she was assaulted, raped, and was almost murdered if she wouldn’t have gotten away. The local law enforcement ruled out Hansen at first until later. The FBI then took over the case and with the help Of Cindy’s account linked multiple bodies with the same mutilations she described. This was enough to get a warrant to search Hansen’s house and plane (Alden). Upon entering his house investigators found jewelry clothes and other things that linked Robert to the other murders between 1980 and

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