Robert Harris On The Purpose Of A Liberal Arts Education

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What is liberal arts education and is it essential? Robert Harris, a writer with more than twenty-five years of teaching at university level, wrote the article “On the Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education,”(1991) to help students understand the need for general education courses in their graduation requirement. He was inspired to write this article by John Henry Newman, who gave a lecture about The idea of a University. He states that studying liberal arts education makes students happier and teaches them how to think, how to learn, see things as a whole, be happier or even become a better teacher.
In this article, Harris points out that studying is an exercise for the brain that develops one's intellectual abilities, also studying a wide spectrum of subjects will massage the muscles of students' mind which help them sharpen their mental skills, focus more and learn more easily. Moreover, Harris points out that general education courses make students able to think for themselves, whereas he mentioned: "develop your own opinions, attitudes, values, and beliefs, based not upon the authority of parents." By developing those qualities students will have a better sense of judgment and understanding. He
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Secondly, liberal arts education teaches students how to learn faster and more efficient ways by simplifying knowledge and enhancing creativity. Also, it improves the ability to learn, think and see things as a whole. Consequently, it makes students better teachers and will contribute to their happiness. For those reasons whether students like liberal arts education or don't, it is in their best interest to consider studying those
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