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In Robert Heilbroners essay “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments” he discusses the many ways we use the idea of stereotyping in our everyday lives. Heilbroner reminds his readers on how stereotyping affects everyone’s lives in different areas beginning from how people view the world as a whole, to how people view each individual. According to Heilbroner, stereotyping will never be a positive aspect in life. He gives his opinion that stereotyping makes people lazy thinkers and that it not only harms the people we are stereotyping, but it also harms ourselves. Heilbroner also states throughout his essay three ways that stereotyping behavior could be eliminated which is through becoming aware, suspicious, and wary. The first suggestion…show more content…
I am Mexican/American and every day I hear stereotypes of both ethnicities. Many people that I work with had become much separated since the elections came closer. Those who were American and had said they voted for Donald Trump were called racist because all “white people who vote for Trump are racist to Mexicans”. On the other hand at my work there is also many undocumented citizens and some of the Americans who work there had gave an opinion that all those who were Mexican at work did not have their papers. It’s true that some of my coworkers are undocumented citizens, but it was also true that just as many of the Hispanic ethnicity at work are documented, even some who only know Spanish are documented but the stereotype doesn’t let one be open minded to the situation. We shall not make generalizations that include a whole ethnicity of people. If people do this, then people could say that all Muslims are terrorists, that all Mexicans are undocumented, that all Asians can’t see, and that all Americans are rude and opinionated. These can all be examples of generalizations people should be wary

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