Robert J. Oppenheimer: The Invention Of The Atomic Bomb

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What do you think is brighter than a thousand suns? Robert J. Oppenheimer is the genius who created the atomic bomb, better known by the slang name: Nuke. Oppenheimer was patriotic and wanted the United States to win World War II. His secret creation was called the Manhattan Project, and it changed the outcome of the war. Though the atomic bomb was successful in winning the war, it’s destructive power destroyed it’s creator. Oppenheimer’s invention of the atomic bomb had a huge effect on the outcome of WWII as well as a damaging effect on the rest of his life. Robert J. Oppenheimer’s whole life was centered around the atomic bomb. In 1904, Robert Oppenheimer was born in New York City. As he developed a career, Oppenheimer became the director of the Los Alamos Lab (A&E). When WWII began, Oppenheimer just wanted to help the US win the war. At the beginning of WWII, Japan attacked the US Naval Station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This caused the US to enter the war and join the Allied Forces. At this point of the war, the US and Allied Forces were living in fear of the brutal battles against them by the Axis Forces; Germany, Japan, and Italy (“ Unlocking the Mysteries of J. Robert Oppenheimer Transcript”). Oppenheimer created the atomic bomb using nuclear fusion, and he became the scientist who created the first atomic…show more content…
Oppenheimer, as the director of Manhattan Project, kept it a complete secret until it was used as a warning to Japan and the Axis Powers. The Axis powers ignored the warning until the bomb was dropped on Japan. Oppenheimer’s invention was successful and the Axis Powers surrendered. However the bombs destruction was devastating. Oppenheimer was just a normal man, who wanted to help his country, but in the end, he was shocked by the impact on the people of Japan. Oppenheimer made an awesome invention, but he was punished by his depression due to the death and destruction caused by his
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