Robert Kennedy Assassination Speech Analysis

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One of the most memorable times in the history of the US is the civil rights era. At the time many groups in the US were fighting to attain their rights. One of the most highlighted groups of people in this era were the African Americans. Being that they had come out from slavery but still endured almost a hundred years of discrimination and racism. The civil rights era brought about most of the circumstances we see in our society today. It brought about the death of a lot of important people who played great roles in the shaping of our future. One of america's president was assassinated due to the civil rights movement. TheUS has a lot of people who fight for the rights of others due to assasination. President Lincoln was also assassinated because of his endeavors in the civil rights movement. One of the most memorable deaths was the death of Martin Luther King Jr. His death was tragic and this was because he was at the forefront of the civil rights movement in the us in his time. When he died, his brother, Robert Kennedy who was also grieving, gave a speech on april 4th 1968 in Indianapolis which was titled “Remarks on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr”. In his remarks he uses rhetorical devices like…show more content…
Robert kennedy in his speech argues that ,“what we need in the United States is not division , what we need in the United States is not hatred , what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness”. He uses the phrase “what we need” to establish common ground by saying we and repeating it leaves a mark in the mind of the listener and also the word need shows that he knows the people want violence but it is not what they need.He also adds that “we can do well in this country.” But he also says it in an order that shows climax which in ascending order and therefore he creates a climax but does this through the use of
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