Robert Kuok's Trait Theory Of Leadership

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Leadership is a process whereby a leader or an executive can guide, direct and influence the employees and teams to develop future goals and stay focus and confidence when finding ways to accomplish specific goals and objectives in a given situation. Leaders are required to developed future visions and should have the ability to persuade others as it is the human factor which bind a group of people together in order to find defined goals so employees are motivated and have higher confidence for long term business success. Traits are relatively stable characteristics such as abilities, psychological motives or consistent pattern behaviour. The trait theory of leadership is based on both successful and successful characteristics of leader to…show more content…
One of the most inspiring business quotes that Robert Kuok had said before is that “There are risk in every business, if one are not brave enough to grab on the first opportunities, then one shall be a poor person forever.”.10 A good leader do not fear of taking risks as taking risk everyday is a part running a business. A successful leader only take calculated risks instead of foolish ones. In his point of view, courageous is very important for a leader as one should be willing to take risks in order to achieve goals with no assurance of success. Robert Kuok opening sugar factory is the start him taking risk. He believes that consumer goods such as sugar is especially important in the food industry. Furthermore, he also took the risk of buying 200000 tonnes of sugar with his speculation of the price of sugar will increase but he missed assumption and the sugar market also experience a sharp decline in price too.11 As a result, Robert Kuok’s business had facing a loss that almost facing bankruptcy. However, his sugar business was saved due to the hurricanes in Brazil which had cause a rise in sugar price due to the shortage of supplying of sugar from Brazil as part of the sugar plant plantations in Brazil were destroyed. From the success of Robert Kuok, it has shown that being risk taking is vital as taking risk will open up WeSure to new challenge and…show more content…
A quality leadership are highly self-controlled. Self-discipline is one of the most character as its define what they will do, what they would not do, what they stand for and who they are. Robert Kuok is a person who has highly self-discipline as he as his values and beliefs in deep-rooted ways would help him to be able to withstand the pressures of their principles and values. In order to be a successful business man, Robert Kuok always believe that being humble, being straight, not being crooked and do not take advantage of people are very crucial.12 In his early days, he saw people using improper methods in their business. He know their methods but he did not complaint, he and his team just try their best to compete with them. Robert Kuok is also very well-organized and have very clear objective on his business and giving ones a sense of discipline and control which causes people to admire and respect him. As a leader of WeSure, having self-discipline is important as when exerting self-discipline by continuing in the face of obstacles will increase the influence towards the employees. Having strong self-discipline by not involving WeSure into businesses that bring harm and destruction to people in very significant for smooth business expansion as investor will know that WeSure is a company with good

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