Robert Lee Frost's 'My Butterfly: An Elegy'

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Robert Lee Frost was born to journalist William Prescott Frost Jr, and Isabelle Moodie on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California. After his fathers’ demise in May 1885, the family moved around the country; they eventually landed in Lawrence, Massachusetts where he graduated from Lawrence High School. The following semester Frost attended Dartmouth College for, only long enough to be accepted into the Theta Delta Chi fraternity. After only two months of college life, he returned home and worked many jobs such as helping his mother teach, delivering newspapers, and working in a lightbulb factory. Frost was never satisfied with any of his odd jobs, he had found his passion- poetry.

Frosts first significant work “My Butterfly: An Elegy”
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In “The Gift Outright” Frost writes about the pursuit of the American dream from the time the colonist got off of the ships to today’s times. Even though the colonist owned the land they were settling on, it would be many years before they could cut ties with England and identify as their own. After many years they realized that they were cheating themselves by not following their beliefs of freedom that lead them to the Americas in the first place. The colonists were then able to establish the American identity after embracing the lessons of the land and committing many acts of war. In the end, the colonists formed what they believed in and wanted, a genuinely American land.

Robert Lee Frost is known to be the most significant American poet to date. He is responsible for starting a new way of writing by changing the ways that poets and writers alike think, plan and write. Frost wrote about many things, but most notably his works on politics, everyday life and people, and love and loss. Between his impactful style and personable works, his writing have touched and will touch many ages and generations for centuries to
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