Robert Lee Research Paper

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In the United States alone, 40% of food gets wasted. Robert Lee is a person who was taught not to waste food and understands what it feels like to be hungry. He is a hero by many people because he helps reduce food waste and reduce the amount of hunger all in one non profit organization called Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. The non profit organization has collected tons of food and donated to local shelters. For example, “...the group has rescued 100,000 pounds of food and delivered it to homeless shelters and food kitchens,”(Beasley 1).The organization, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, has saved a lot of food and fed a lot of hungry people. In the Man Collects Food Restaurants Would Throw Away, Gives It to the Homeless, the author explains,“The team is able to collect anywhere between five and 120 pounds of food a day, and they…show more content…
“Subsequently, he spent his college years volunteering for New York group Two Birds, One Stone, delivering extra dining hall food to homeless shelters,”(Sumitra 1). Robert Lee has always helped people in need. In college, he joined a group that helped feed the homeless in college. Diane Beasley writes, “That was when he learned the magnitude of the problem.One in six Americans struggles with food insecurity. Yet in the United States, 40% of food goes to waste,”(1). Robert Lee learned how big the problem of wasting food was in college when he joined a group called Two Birds, One Stone. Americans are struggling with food yet 40% of food is getting wasted. He is regarded as a hero by many people because he helps decrease food waste and trim down the amount of hunger. He started an organization to help him with this, but even before starting an organization, he helped reduce food waste and lessen hunger. He left a good paying job to help people in need. Just thinking about what he sacrificed to help people in need, would you be able to do the
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