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Robert Liparulo Biography While researching Robert Liparulo there was sources that talked about his life and what he did before writing and after writing his series of novels . Robert liparulo history of being an American former journalist that became a author. He published a short story that contributed to other people's short stories to make a thriller story to make his readers aroused. A man who had traveled and has done a lot of things for his country and for his family that he takes care of first before anything else. The life and history of Robert Liparulo creates meaning to the readers of his novels because of the vast amount of experiences from around the globe, such as, poverty, disease, and lands of atrocity. Based on this information,…show more content…
Robert Liparulo would gather his sources and put them together to write a story that would involve what he liked to write, and would have people like Stephen King to read over them after he was done writing and if it wasn't good enough he would redo it till he got it just right the way the readers of the his novels, because all he cared about when he wrote was what and how he could make it…show more content…
He felt like it wasn't easy to write something that he thought was just about him and his faith but then he finally but in some thrills to scare the reader and cut half of it from being just about him into being more about “the golden calf” and having no hope to live in heaven writing this made him scared and was afraid that no one would like it ,but soon enough people did. While Robert wrote this he traveled to the main places it took place while he was there he learned what harsh things they go through and donated money to the

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