Robert Mangold Abstract Expressionism

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In North Tonawanda, New York in 1937, Robert Mangold was born. He spent most of his childhood in Buffalo before he attended Cleveland Institute of Art (1956-1960) and Yale (1960-1963). His first solo exhibition took place in 1964. He has encouraged observers to consider the idea of paintings without centers. Most of his early work has been related to Minimalism, which often included of art of geometric shapes in simple arrangements and deficient of any decorative flourishes. He also recalls source from Ancient Greek pottery to Renaissance, which converted effort of artists to accomplish exact representation of nature and idealized forms of the human body. He attempts to employ color relationship to create an anonymous and nameless mood. While…show more content…
That same year, he visited Albright Knox Gallery Art. After seeing several exhibitions of Clyfford Still and Alberto Burri, Mangold began to paint large-scale abstract compositions. Abstract Expressionism refers to an American art movement that emerged after World War II during the 1950s. Clyfford Still was in the earliest group of Abstract Expressionists who developed a new, dominant approach to painting in the years immediately succeeding World War II. Still & Art begins with Still’s acknowledgment of Old Masters he admired (among them Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, J.M.W. Turner, and Vincent van Gogh); progresses to his interrogation of near-contemporaries such as Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso; and concludes with epic canvases, pastels, and photographs that reveal the artist meditating on his own past production as well as the spirit of color-field painting, minimalism, and comparable avant-garde movements of the 1960s and ’70s.Still’s attitude toward others’ work evokes the literary critic Harold Bloom’s notion of “the anxiety of influence”: that strong creators necessarily engage in a fruitful dialogue of exploration and resistance towards their equally strong predecessors. Such an approach to what may at first appear to be straightforward influences thus leads to high
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