Robert Maranger Case

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There is a publication ban on the names of the accused [father & stepmother] to protect the identity of the boy [son] involved in this case.
In the Ontario Provincial Court House in Ottawa, Robert Maranger sentenced the accused [father] to 18 years of imprisonment after Robert Maranger found the accused guilty of torturing his son.
Upon sentencing, Robert Maranger made the following statement in court:
“I find it extremely difficult to fathom the horrific crime you have committed against your own son.
The accused [father] has been convicted of aggravated assault, forcible confinement, failure to provide necessities of life, aggravated sexual assault, and three counts of assault with a weapon.
Both you [father] and your wife, have been deliberately
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He gave the court noticeable different answers under oath.
Due to the inconstancy of the priest’s testimony, his testimony will be discarded and inadmissible.
When determining the outcome and severity of your sentencing, I must consider both aggravating and mitigating factors. Some significant aggravating factors include:
- Parents breached their position of trust
- Failed to provide to their son
- One year of abuse
- One month of confinement
- Aggravated sexual assault

Some noteworthy mitigating factors to consider include:
- Parents claim that boy was “out-of-control”
- Father suffers from PTSD
- Confessions to some crimes
- Father stated he is remorseful

I will take into account the psychologist’s testimony opposing the accused’s claim about their son, early confessions, and the accused’s [father] statement about being remorseful. I will also note the accused’s prior occupation [RCMP] and the fact that he has no prior violent record.

In respect of the aggravated sexual assault charge, I believe a reasonable sentence is 20 years of imprisonment [concurrent sentence]. This sentence will include periodic psychological check-ups to maintain and analyze the accused’s
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