Robert Mccloskey Time Of Wonder Analysis

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In the story “Time of Wonder” the writer and illustrator Robert McCloskey creates a mesmerizing picture book. Throughout the book he relates his message to the reader of taking time to enjoy the weather and nature. Likewise, the reader is able to experience these events directly with phrases such as “IT’S RAINING ON YOU” (McCloskey 10). One event the reader is able to conjure up is the ocean in Maine with the taste of salt on their tongue. Moreover, the reader visualizes the calm sea on a sunny day and fears the roaring wind before a hurricane. Yet, McCloskey allows the viewer to feel “…pleased to see that the storm-flattened sunflowers are once more lifting faces to the sun” (McCloskey 58). All things considered, McCloskey writes a story that expresses the enjoyment that readers can feel towards the weather and nature. In the picture book, Robert McCloskey uses elements of art in order to enhance the book’s message; to enjoy the weather and nature. One of the elements, color, shows the brightness of nature and allows for the reader to view the natural setting of the story. In other words, McCloskey drew pictures of nature in such a way as to allow viewers see its beauty. For instance, the shadows created by the clouds seem so authentic that it allows the reader to appreciate them. This natural image is also viewed in McCloskey’s pictures…show more content…
In fact, in a picture of rain, there are ripples surrounding the raindrop’s hitting the water. The ripples in the water and the distance naturally created is portrayed in the pictures. Accordingly, the illustrator uses techniques to create distance between objects. For instance, when two girls and a dog are enjoying the rain the reader is able to see the scenery from a distance. These elements help to enhance the experience that a reader feels towards the book’s message; to enjoy the weather and
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