Robert Merton's Anomie-Stand Explanation Of Crime

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Crime and American dream [ Ch: 3-5 ]

Why one person commits a crime? There is no single word answer to this question. A person can behave in a certain manner because of his biological traits,psychological state or personal socialization experience. Criminologist differentiate the “Micro” level of analysis which explains crime with the reference to the “unfolding of events,in the development of situations”.

Macro-level is looking on the question about the groups and populations. As we know crimes are vary from social system,countries,neighbourhood and cities. Crime rate is not ultimately just looking at some kind of behavior but also looking at those criminalization behavior. Sociologist Emile Durkheim referred to such properties
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Lets look at this situation from ”Anomie-Stand”. Anomie-Stand explanation of crime is where,crime is cause of left open and defined away by the cultural-social learning and disorganization perspective. Robert Merton is the creator of Anomie theory where he argues that individuals in certain society are pressured into deviant behavior because of their surrounding limiting them achieving their goals. That is the reason he is very interested to find out why rates of deviance differs greatly from different society and for different subgroups within a single society. The two most important part of this theory : the first one is culturally defined goals,purpose and inserts. These goals are more or less integrated and sentiment. The second part is, means to achieve goals through social structure and its norms. For ex: “United State emphasis on the goal of momentary success, but they have a weak emphasis on the norms for achieving this goals,such as attending school. So, an individual suffers from anomie by striving to attain to goals of society but is not able to reach their goals because of the limitation of the social…show more content…
Chapter five provides a range of possibilities for reducing crime. One of the method is by using Social Reorganization. In this modern era criminals are highly motivated by strong cultural pressure for momentary success. Most people are lost beyond lost to achieve American dream but there is a missing piece where people are trying to avoid hard work and wanting to succeed without creating any values. We have to rethink our beliefs and let go those beliefs which will harm other,does not create values to the society and force us to cheat the system in a long run.

“Crime and the American Dream” is a well written book on American Dream, organized crime created because American Dream, theories based on cause and effect of crime. The American Dream changes as the time goes by. When we look back twenty years from now people were motivated by different factors. Twenty years from now it will obviously change. So, eternal materials will always be there if we work hard and become smart about it but most people are seeking satisfaction eternal but in reality its

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