Robert Moses's Positive Effects On Society

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Throughout the course of history, Robert Moses, a renowned city planner, impacted America through his innovative ideas regarding transportation and infrastructures. In comparison to other engineers Moses possessed some unorthodox methods and styles. Between the 20s until the 60s, Moses’s work made various positive and negative effects on society. Some positive effects include: creating jobs and connecting different cities and areas. Regardless of Moses’s positive effects, some negative effects include: the loss of people’s homes through eviction and Moses’s refusal to build mass transit systems. The Geography of Nowhere, written by James Kunstler, discusses Moses and how his work impacted society forever. Through the construction of infrastructure,…show more content…
Additionally, Moses helped connect people throughout a large area by bluing various highways in both cities and suburban areas. “the projects Robert Moses built set the pattern from imposing the automobiles on cities all over America, and fir destroying the countryside of surrounded cities… Moses’s only ideology was to get highways, bridges, and tunnels built” (Kunstler 97-98). Due to Moses’s work, different area throughout the world were connected, which benefited society. With more roads existing, people living in both rural and urban areas can be connected to one another. Transportation to one place would be easier due to the fact that there are now many ways to get to one specific location. Aside from the positive effects of Moses’s work, there are also a vast amount of negative effects. One negative effect is, many people were evicted from their homes due to his construction. “His Cross Bronx Expressway all but destroyed the life of the borough. It is estimated that during his career Moses caused a quarter of a million people to be evicted from their homes to make way for his highways” (Kunstler, 100). Due to the building of roadways throughout the world, many buildings had to be torn down, resulting in the eviction of

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