Robert Nardelli Leadership Style Analysis

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Executive Summary
This paper examines the leadership of Robert Nardelli during his 7 years reign as the CEO of The Home Depot between 2000 and 2007, providing analysis of his perceived achievements, the areas in which he could have improved during his tenure, and where he could have shown more effectiveness as a leader.
An initial synopsis of leadership describes how studies into the concept have been conducted for over 100 years and that many definitions of leadership exist, including those with narrow definitions and those presenting much broader concepts. The main factor being derived is that leadership most definitely involves leading a group of people or an organisation.
The theory and the concepts associated with the leadership style
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This paper will examine the leadership of Robert Nardelli, a notable modern business leader and former CEO of The Home Depot between 2000 and 2007.
Some business leaders have recorded great success whilst showing effective leadership and in turn taking their businesses to new heights. History has demonstrated that successful leaders know how to build great companies, correct dysfunctional organisations, revive tired brands, and develop new strategic plans whilst displaying consideration for and still satisfying their employees; whilst others proved difficult to work for, obstinate and even out-of-touch.
This paper provides a brief summary on leadership as a precursor to reviewing the record of Robert Nardelli. This will include an analysis of Nardelli’s actions to establish if they were ethical or non-ethical and consider where his leadership style fell within the Fiedler’s Contingency Model.
The main objectives of this paper are to identify Nardelli’s leadership style and evaluate where he could have improved through style change or adopting different leadership practices, therefore become a more effective leader during his Home Depot
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He earned a BS from Western Illinois University in 1971 and a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Louisville in 1975. Nardelli began his professional career at General Electric (GE) where he worked for 27 years. Nardelli served as the head of GE 's Canadian appliance unit. Later, he headed the transportation systems division. He thus rose to become one of the top four executives in GE. Nardelli was in the race to becoming the next CEO of GE when Jack Welch was leaving, however, after losing out on the position to Jeff Immelt; he exited the company, soon to be snapped up by The Home Depot (

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