Robert Nardelli's Leadership Style

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Executive Summary
This paper examines the leadership of Robert Nardelli during his 7 years reign as the CEO of The Home Depot between 2000 and 2007, providing analysis of his perceived achievements, the areas in which he could have improved during his tenure, and where he could have shown more effectiveness as a leader.
An initial synopsis of leadership describes how studies into the concept have been conducted for over 100 years and that many definitions of leadership exist, including those with narrow definitions and those presenting much broader concepts. The main factor being derived is that leadership most definitely involves leading a group of people or an organisation.
The theory and the concepts associated with the leadership style adopted by Robert Nardelli will be analysed and the style, behaviour, traits, attitudes and power which he displayed at The Home Depot examined. Furthermore, this paper will establish that although initially Nardelli was very successful, his leadership style which he transferred from GE would be his downfall, as he succeeded to alienate his employees, shareholders and customers.
An analysis into what alterations Robert Nardelli should have made to his leadership style in order to perform better as a leader and to improve his influence will be examined. These alterations would have allowed Nardelli to gain the true backing of the employees and shareholders within the company, which would have resulted in him gaining true followers.

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