Robert Neville In Richard Matheson's I Am Legend

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In the science fiction novel, I am Legend, by Richard Matheson, the author, by accurately and minutely describing Robert Neville’s reactions, thoughts and emotions, allows his readership to engage with his story and to imagine what it’s like to be alone in a hostile world. Robert Neville has been fighting off vampires from inside his house for many years because he is the last human being alive. He goes through many obstacles, trying to find a cure for the vampires, and goes through many mental challenges as well. Robert has changed as a result of all this happening to him. He thinks, reacts, and does things differently than before the outbreak. These changes cause him to go through many emotions and not have the ability to fit in. Being…show more content…
He now lives in a world populated by vampires, and now he is the outcast. He says, “World’s gone to hell. No germs, no science. World’s fallen to the supernatural, it’s a supernatural world.” This means he does not believe that this world is home to a human being like him anymore. That is why he gets so excited when he finds the dog. “To come across a living being, after all this time to find a companion, and then to lose it. Even if it was only a dog. Only a dog? To him that dog was the peak of a planet’s evolution.” He gets excited because this dog may not be a human being, but it resembles something that was in the period where humans were still alive. That is why Robert is so excited, because the dog is somewhat similar to him, and now he no longer has a sense that he is alone. He “needed the dog” because to him it was like a comfort zone back to when he wasn’t the outcast and he needed something to love. He believes that the world he lives in now is a lost world. “It was doubting that anything so remarkable could happen in such a lost world.” When the new society captured him, he knew that he was going, “Into the world that was theirs and no longer his.” He knows that once they capture him, they will kill him because he is not a vampire like them. Because he does not fit into the world run by
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