Robert Oppenheimer Significance

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The atomic bomb was one of the greatest and most destructive inventions in American history. J. Robert Oppenheimer is known to be the “father of the A-bomb” and received numerous praises for his work ("Oppenheimer: American Prometheus"). The Manhattan project, where the Trinity bomb was set off, was where everything fell into place for Oppenheimer and his career with the atomic bomb. “J. Robert Oppenheimer was director at the Los Alamos site. Though an American, he had studied in Europe for years, and that was one reason why General Groves picked him for the job” (Claypool 45). After the bomb was set off and Oppenheimer stated that he was “destroyer of worlds”, that quote not only became a part of history but told a story to the American people as to who J. Robert Oppenheimer was and how the world’s most destructive weapon came to life. “Robert Oppenheimer was born on April 22, 1904. He attended Harvard University, Cambridge University in England and then GÖttigen University in Germany. When he returned to America he published more than…show more content…
The atomic bomb led us into a new age of war. What he and his colleagues created could destroy mankind and end life on our planet. Everyone feared dying because of the atomic bomb. That is why Americans practiced duck and cover drills and made shelters for fear of the Soviet Union launching an atomic bomb on us. No one was safe after this invention came to life. Albert Einstein made a comment after the atomic bomb came to life and it states, “We appeal, as human beings, to human beings: Remember your humanity and forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies open to a new paradise; if you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death” (Claypool 100). Oppenheimer will forever live on to be known as the father of the atomic bomb and creator of the most destructive weapon known to
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