Robert Owen Impact On Society

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Robert Owen was a British cotton factory owner who was shocked by the misery and poverty of the working class. He helped improve working conditions for his workers by building houses by his cotton factory and renting them at a low rate. He also prohibited children under the age of ten to work at his factory. In 1824, he traveled to the United States of America and founded a cooperative community in Indiana called New Harmony. This community was supposed to be a “perfect living place.” The community only lasted three years, but it inspired the founding of more communities. I think what he did was important seeing that he helped prevent poverty in the working class. In addition to that, with children under the age of ten not being able to work in his factory, he prevented childhood misery by not making them wake up at five am, and having to work till eleven pm.

An philosopher and economist by the name of John Stuart Mill, questioned unregulated capitalism. He thought it was wrong to to make the workers live deprived lives that may have bordered starvation, he wished that to help ordinary workers with policies that led to a more equal division of profits. He liked a cooperative system of agriculture and women’s rights. He helped lead the utilitarian movement that took place during the 1800’s. The
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Malthus believed in the laissez-faire effect like Adam Smith, and David Ricardo. They opposed the government’s effort to assist the poor workers. I think the importance of what he did was needed. He tried to get the government to get rid of minimum wage and to not make better working conditions. Malthus believed that it would upset the free market system, lower profits, and undermine the production of wealth in
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