Robert Peace Racism

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Abstract This essay explores the book “The short and tragic life of Robert Peace”. It also briefly mentions racism, why there still is racism in todays society and what can be done to stop it. The book is about Robert Peace, his life, ups and downs, hopes and failures. Robert was a brilliant, social and active child. He ended getting a scholarship to Yale because of his high IQ and smartness. This book relates to racism because of Roberts experiences going to an expensive college/university. He found the people going there were privileged and spoiled rich man kids that commented his skin color, but also background (the area he came from). Even tough we want to believe racism is over, we cant, wherever we go today, there will be racism.…show more content…
Now if we would ask the exact same question about how black racism impact white people, many would not answer because of their fear for black people. The truth is that white people are afraid of black people. The real question is why you are afrais, and what you are afraid of. Not only are white people afraid of black people, but because some white people don’t like black people, they are going to determine where black people are going to live, im not talking about individuals, but black people as a group. So basically they do not have the same priviledge as white people. Why is there still racism in today society? I suggest all black people to IGNORE THIS VIDEO. Go finish high school, enroll in college or trade school and major in a discipline that is in demand in the economy. After that, go to work, save and invest, and a few years later, you will most likely be in a position to start your own business with the skills you picked up over the years. Continue to save and invest and save and invest more. Teach your kids and grandkids the value of hard work and money and investing. Leave your kids a legacy and they will build on that because you taught them how
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