Delibertarianism In Robert Pickton's Serial Killers

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“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson. The decisions humans make determine who they are: the past is not a factor that determines who they become. Humans continually deceive themselves when trying to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and the idea that humans are liable for their own actions is the school of thought called Libertarianism. Past experiences do not influence future decisions because the future is not fixed. This ultimately means that the choices humans make decide our future and there is not just one possible path that can lead people into the future. Robert Pickton, one of Canada 's most notorious serial killers, is the topic of interest in this essay. The…show more content…
Libertarianism is solely based on the concept that humans retain the ability to exercise free will and they assume culpability for their actions and that past experiences have no effects on the decisions that are made. Arguments that contradict this claim state "that all events even moral choices are determined by previously existing causes." As explained on…show more content…
Rendering plants are where animal byproducts are processed to separate the fat and protein from the bone. It is a puzzling thought as to how anyone could commit such sinister murders, but Pickton seemed to do it with ease. There is no information held within his childhood that can precisely determine why he committed these crimes or what his motive exactly was. The only information found was that he had a below-average IQ, but that cannot be the explanation as to why he committed these crimes. This ultimately means there is nothing that could have 'predisposed ' him to commit the crimes he did. Without a doubt, Robert Pickton murdered an estimated forty-nine women throughout the twenty-three-year killing spree and he made the conscious choice to do so. Existing situations are not the determining factor regarding why humans make the choices they do because we possess the power of free will and are ultimately free and responsible. Robert Pickton used his power of free will and chose to murder those women he maliciously enticed because he is free and responsible for the choices he made over the span of twenty-three

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