Robert Redford's Film 'A River Runs Through It'

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Robert Redford’s movie “A River Runs Through It” is a film based on a memoir. This film takes place early 20th century at Missoula Missouri. In the movie, the city of Missoula is described as its in a hill, surrounded by rivers. This movie is about two brothers who live at Missoula. The Maclean brothers, father is a minister. The common theme about this movie is the men’s interest to fishing and their connection to the Blackfoot River. The film is narrated from the elder brother, Norman, a character played by Craig Sheffer. Brad Pitt is acting as Paul, the younger brother. Their father’s character John is played by Tom Skerritt. This movie tells us a story of how the Maclean’s families interest towards fly fishing and how it impacted their
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