Robert Robinson Informative Speech

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Second year anniversary of Robert Robinson
By Staff Reporter Elyzha Abella and Bianca Ramirez

Two years ago, on March 15, Robert Robinson Jr., was gunned down in a drive-by shooting at 15th Avenue South and South Forest Street. According to a source on the update of his case, Robinson took a bullet to the chest by a man driving a blue Honda. Robinson later died at Harborview Medical Center.

It took nearly a year before a 23-year-old Seattle man, now settled on the East Coast confessed to police about his involvement in the shooting. It was “eating him alive,” the man told police. Seattle police detectives traveled to New York to interview the man. No updates on the case have been confirmed since then.

Robinson’s absence has left a hole not just with his family and his closest friends, but also within the
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“Robert had his own humanity and knew how to stop, pause, and reflect.”

This year the community gathered around 5 p.m. on March 15? to honor Robinson's memory with a balloon sendoff, according to Robinson’s mom, Tovanna Sarden’s Facebook post.

Robinson is remembered for being true to his words, reflective and his kindness toward others.

Chev Gary, a ninth grade support specialist bonded with Robinson through their common interest of music. “Although he's not here, he's in our actions and how we help others.”

“If you wanted to get to know Robert,” said Coach Ronn Jackson, who was a mentor to Robinson in his classes, “you'd want to read his lyrics or simply have him rap to you.”

Those who knew Robinson, say he was a person who cared about people, especially his sisters. He brought smiles to other people’s faces. Robert had so many ambitions and desires to give back to others.

“He believed in social justice. He wanted to make sure everyone was treated equal,” said Jennifer Kekuna, Robinson's former IP manager and math teacher. Robinson had the desire to pursue a career as a
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