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During this generation, technology has taken drastic steps and has evolved quicker than anyone would’ve ever imagined. In the article, “Marketing New Inventions” by Robert Rodriguez, the author talks about how a new original invention would come out, and how to make them popular. For instance, inventors Shelly Conte and Cindy Reichman invented the hide-and-seek doll, which made a hit in the Toys R US stores and it made them a fortune. Soon enough, new toys and copycats came out and there would be disputes about who came out with the product first. Each inventor has to play smart and keep their new toy hip and in-style. In some cases, the inventor would think outside the box; like Mike Summers, the inventor who created a life saving device that inflates when hurled in water. Instead of worrying about other competitors, Summers decided to make a deal with other larger companies. All of these inventions are good in their own respectable way, but what is the greatest invention of all time? I believe the internet is the greatest thing ever invented for its communication, education, and the marketing in today’s society. First and foremost, communication happens in different ways. The most common way is thru the internet.…show more content…
Online shopping has become more and more popular over the years, and studies show that it will only get bigger as time goes on. Online shopping is popular because one doesn’t have to leave home to buy it, it’s fast and easy, and products get shipped to the front door. Another big marketing tool used on the internet is the stock market. Online stock marketing makes begin apart of the stock market much easier and efficient. Online banking is another reason why marketing on the internet is so cool. Online banking makes banking, depositing, and handling money easier, and in some ways, saves everyone from making a trip to the
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