Robert Smalls: Captain On The CSS Planter

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In this episode we learn about an African American hero named Robert Smalls. Smalls was a slave who acquired many skills as a slave and used it to his advantage. His will and persistence to one day be free is what gave him his courage. Robert Smalls acquired many trades but the one that set him apart was him becoming a captain on the CSS Planter. Smalls found himself fighting on the wrong side of the war when the Planter was used by the confederates to plant mines, carry ammunition and cargo. Robert strategically planned his escape one night when he and the rest of the slaves were left to watch over the planter. Many slaves were scared of the repercussions if caught. Robert had nothing to lose, his freedom meant more than his life. The mission…show more content…
Soon to be joined by four other states. Southerners felt as the government was getting to strong, they felt as if no one would tell them how to live. South Carolina being the first state to leave the union. The Confederates demanded the Union to leave Fort Sumter after many failed negotiations and demands the confederates opened fire for 34 straight hours. This would be the start of the first Civil War battle. Many politicians felt this was a white man’s war and slaves had no right to fight this war. Slaves were not allowed to fight, all this changed when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, it declared “ That all person held as slaves within the Confederate states should be free. Although it did not end slavery in the nation it gave people hope and uplifted the moral of blacks. Fredrick Douglas convinced Abraham Lincoln that African Americans were ready to fight and serve the Union. Robert Smalls was one of the first recruits to recruit colored troops. Black slaves volunteered by the thousands. They had suffered to long and been suppressed for many this was their way “ getting back at the white man” Yet many slaves saw this as a fight for their freedom and the freedom of their children, so that one day they would live
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