Robert Smalls Character Traits

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Can three character traits change the freedom of people in this world? Well, these three people have one different trait from each other that they have that is needed to fight for freedom. The first person is Martin Luther King, a famous activist who fought for civil rights. MLK was famous for doing a march in Washington and this is where he said his famous quote. Then, Robert Smalls was a free slave after he escaped on a boat and he was famous for changing President Lincoln's mind. Lastly, Harriet Tubman was a free slave by escaping by using safe houses and escape routes. She was a conductor of the Underground railroad and she helped slaves escape from slavery. The reason why they did that is that MLK and Robert Smalls sought out equal rights and civil rights, MLK wanted everybody to be equal and Robert Smalls wanted colored people to be able to join the battlefields. …show more content…

Robert Smalls was an escaped slave who escaped by taking control of a ship and sailing off to freedom. Robert Smalls was famous for changing President Lincoln’s mind about letting colored people join the battlefield. According to Johnathan W. White, “Word of Smalls’ daring escape quickly spread throughout the North.” He has the quality of ambition to escape and become more than a slave. Johnathan W. White indicates, “He served as a delegate at several Republican National Conventions, and also participated in the South Carolina Republican State conventions.” “In 1868, Smalls was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives.” He became a congressman and that shows the ambition he has, he became a freed slave to become a congressman. He fought for freedom and even changed Lilcoln’s mind. These two pieces of evidence show that ambition is needed for freedom. That is because he was ambitious enough to become a free slave and then become a congressman to fight for colored

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