Robert Solis: How I Changed My Life

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I am Robert Solis and I will explain to you my background, how I formed my aspirations, how I accomplished my academic success, the factors and challenges that have most shaped my life, and how those factors helped me grow. I was born on March 21, 1999 in the small but beautiful island of Saipan. I’m the eldest son of Gerardo and Judith Solis, who are both very dedicated and loving parents. I’m also an older brother to my two handsome siblings, Raesyl and Ranier. I stand at 5 feet 2 inches tall but my stature won’t stop me from achieving the goals that I have set in life. I firmly believe that if I continue to trust in God, He will continue to guide me in my endeavors.
Additionally, I am currently attending Northern Marianas Academy. One
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I appreciate all the things they have done for us. My parents are my greatest role models in life and I thank God for giving me such magnificent parents. I wish that God will continue to bless them because they’re such wonderful people. I will do everything I can, to the best of my ability, to make them enjoy and have a happy life because they’re deserving of it.
One of the factors and challenges that have most shaped my life was being denied a scholarship from the Tan Siu Lin Foundation during my junior year in high school. After hearing the news that my scholarship application for the foundation had been denied, I studied and worked harder to improve my grades for the rest of the school year. At the end of the school year, there was another scholarship application but from a different organization.
The Coldwell Solar Inc. had announced that it would be awarding scholarships worth $1,095 to high school students. In order to be granted a scholarship, you must complete the application and submit an essay about solar energy. I then submitted my application and the essay about solar energy. After a few weeks, I got a call from the financial aid office saying that I was granted a scholarship from Coldwell Solar. The hard work that I put in throughout the school year finally paid off. Being denied a scholarship from Tan Siu Lin helped me grow by studying and working harder in

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