Robert Somni's Accomplishments

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Robert Somni was a nineteen year-old genius. He graduated highschool at the age of 11 and got his bachelors at age 15. He kept going to college on a full scholarship for knowledge. People said he had one of the biggest brains in existence. Not by size but of capacity. He learned all he could about everything he could. His brain was a vast, and wide hole that needed to be filled. Everyday he went to school and sat in classes. He never needed to take notes because he had a great memory. He passed every class with a 100%. After years of learning he decided to take his knowledge and make a difference in the world. So in two months he had succeed only found a cure for Alzheimer 's. After that he moved on to bigger problems. He worked for almost two…show more content…
Sasha Higgins was an unlucky and simple girl. She graduated high school at eighteen and tried to go to college but she was too poor to afford it. After years of working to save for college, her mother died in a car crash. Sasha finally fulfilled her dreams of being able to afford college after three years of working. But suffering from the grief of her mother she decided to keep saving not knowing what she wanted but knowing that she needed money. For two more months she tried to work through it, but found that she couldn 't handle it. So she took her money and stashed it in her purse. She walked and walked until she was at a bridge. She went over to the edge and climbed up and clutched what she thought she needed to her chest before letting her body tip to the side and fall. Sasha awoke in a hospital room. At least that 's what she thought. She couldn 't open her eyes and her body wasn 't moving. She thought she was dead until someone walked in and explained what happened to her. When she jumped she hit the concert and the police were called. Her body was brought to the hospital but the doctors could only do so much. Suffering from many injuries, her spinal cord was cracked. Sasha cried when the doctor told her she would never be able to walk again. She open her eyes to a world filled with more struggles then her last one. She worked for weeks to try to see if her legs would ever work. After careful examination she was released from the hospital. With nowhere to go she…show more content…
They left early the next morning. No note they just disappeared. Into thin air it seemed like. At least to people that were looking for him. People wanted to meet the man that had solved some very important problems for the world, and some people wanted to hurt the man for messing up their lives. After Robert decided to leave he felt immediate relief. People had been getting more and more needy wanting him to do things that weren 't possible and to have a break from people who were hoping for him to help them and people who wanted him dead, it was an amazing feeling. When he loaded his car with a bag of clothes and some food he left for his trip. If he needed anything he could buy it. It was one of the first things he was going to do seeing that not only he needed clothes but as did his passenger. One of the reasons Robert asked Sasha to come with him was that, as far as he knew, she had no idea who he was. He was excited to spend time with someone who didn 't want him just for his money or fame or his so-called wisdom. Someone who he didn 't have to be a genius for. Somebody who wouldn 't have any expectations. And he also didn 't want to be alone. He looked over at Sasha and saw a beautiful smile gracing her face. For the first time in a long time he was looking forward to doing something for himself. And so that 's how it was. Sasha and Robert went to many places all across the world and did many wonderful things together. While they were a bit
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