Robert Steaub Analysis

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As I read about “relentless” by Robert Staub, I already began to picture in my mind how it applies towards my life and my personal persistence and determination. I think everyone goes though different stages of life where things get extremely difficult and stressful. It’s so easy to just give up and find another way but it’s not my style. To me that’s what life is, moving though challenges and rough patches it’s the best learning experience there is. I currently set on the Gold committee for Girl Scouts of Central Valley South. The gold award is the highest award achievable for a girl scout. It’s equivalent to the Eagle Scout. I do trainings for girls preparing to go on this journey and earn the gold award. Part of my training is explaining…show more content…
What was difficult for me was that after my dismissal I immediately began applying for jobs and handing out my resume. Went on many interviews and made top 5 and then top two. I could not find a job, I would make first, second, and third process interviews but could never get a position. I had assumed it was because of my education, I did finish high school but just a few semesters of college. I focused on my family that started really young, before I graduated high school, I had my first child and in my early twenties had two more. My high school sweetheart joined the military and supported our family so I raised our children and he helped when he was able to be home.
Now jobless and no prospects of finding a new job I did some research and found a program that would send me to school and cover a lot of the costs through JTO (Job Training Office). Getting my foot in the door for that training was a chore. I was actually turned away at first. Told by one gentlemen that I had so much work experience that it would be a waste at this point for me to go back to school. He told me he could get me a job in a week. What he didn’t tell me is that it would be an entry level position, I would start back at the bottom and they pay was
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