Robert Sternberg 8 Step Analysis

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Robert J. Sternberg is a professor of Psychology and vice president at Oklahoma State University. Sternberg states, “To act ethical, individuals must go through a series of steps”. He presupposes teaching these 8 steps is just as important as teaching students how to pass a test. Numerous of dilemmas proceeding in establishments are not generated the by absences of knowledge, but because of the lack of ethics. People may apprehend the rules of being ethical but are unable translate into their everyday lives. Translating ethics knowledge into behavior is easier than done. To teach students how to be ethical, they should be taught how to reason about situations and follow with action. This process includes eight steps. The first two steps…show more content…
How bad does the situation have to be before reporting it? At what point does the situation become bad enough to take action? These are questions one may ask when trying to find out if the dimension is significant enough. Taking personal responsibility for the solution is very important. The next step is to esatblish the suitable decision is being done. Should one take action or is the situation for an adult to handle? Steps five and six tells one how to figure out what abstract rules apply to the problem and how to use the rules to create a solution. For example, when someone sees someone else getting bullied, is it their responsibility to prevent harm to others? If they know they should take action. Here, they have many options, they can confront the persecutor, get in between or ask for an adult’s help. Once they decide what action to take they must prepare themselves for possible repercussions. Although they helped stop the bullying they may be the next victim because they exposed the bully. Finally, one must enact the ethical solution. The key to acting pure according to Sternberg is to “carry out the solution”. One may think the possible repercussions is unrewarding and does nothing

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