Robert T. Perry's Real Education: Everyone Is Push To Go?

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is the phrase most children hear in elementary school. From then on we have to start making decisions to decided how to got forward with that career. College is for everyone, but our society does not make it easy for it to be that way. To go to college you need time, money, and stupendous study skills. College is for everyone that is why it is so important in our society today. This is why everyone is push to go. Robert T. Perry said in his essay Real Education, “ Just a decade ago, we led all other industrialized nations in this area…Now, we rank tenth behind other nations in the percentage of young adults with postsecondary credentials.” A decade ago we did not have the technology we do now. There where not nearly the amount of jobs then as there are today, and the jobs that have been around that long have to have more schooling than ever. Technology is developing so rapidly it is hard to keep up with. Everything that use to be…show more content…
Miller she states,”In this country we’ve prided ourselves on a system of higher education”. For this reason we strain ourselves to be what society deems fit. To go full time to school, having a gob, studying, and homework; and by doing this we over work ourselves. From our high student debt to our high rents we cannot help but be stressed and anxious about everything. In turn this forces us to focus more on work or school not both. Which makes it hard to keep a job or make good grades. We have pried in higher education but to much pride can get us into trouble. Many people are scared to go to college in fear of all the student loans. To not have to pay student loans we need scholarships. Most scholarships make it to where you have to be a full time student to receive it which is a problem for most of us who have to work also. Again this stresses the students out to where they have to choose on or the other to focus more

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