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Overview In 2015, the Tennessee Supreme Court rejected the 30-day suspension of the law license of attorney, Robert Vogel, who was caught by federal authorities in a sex scandal involving a young pill-addicted female client, and provided confidential information about another client to a judge in a separate matter (Satterfield, 2015). Vogel was appointed to represent the girlfriend of the leader of a $6.5 million pill distribution network in 2012, when he began to beg the women to engage in sexual encounters (Satterfield, 2015). The client complied with his requests, stating that she felt Vogel “held her future in his hands” because she faced serious federal prison time (Satterfield, 2015). The women tried to end the relationship on several…show more content…
Records revealed that Vogel had engaged in several sexual encounters with young female clients, facing serious federal criminal charges (WVLT-TV, 2016). The Supreme Court increased Vogel’s punishment to one year of active suspension (WVLT-TV, 2016). The following provides further discussion on the case as it related to category four of the course syllabus, attorney discipline and the public image of lawyers. Particular emphasizes is placed upon ethics, morality, and other challenges that make this story…show more content…
Most significantly, it will impact the professional image of Vogel and generate challenges for his family. Being that his wife and children caught him in his act, there will be a world of problems for the family. They will also suffer from the negative image that Vogel is likely to obtain, as well as, having to deal with the media. In regards to Vogel, his public image is likely to be destroyed and many are going to question his ability to continue practicing in the field. The justice system is also going to be impacted by their decision to increase punishment for the attorney. Most importantly, they will now have to consider similar punishment for similar cases in the future, leading to a very significant point related to the role of the justice system in sanctioning

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