Robert Walton Letters Summary

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In letters 1-4, Robert Walton set out to write to his sister, Mrs.Saville. In these letters Robert W. sets out to talk about how he is in a quest to accomplish his dreams. He begins by explaining how he commences his journey, by traveling to Russia and from there go to the north pole. He proclaims to tell his sister that he is going to have to find a crew first as well as a vessel. “ I shall depart for the latter town in a fortnight or three weeks; and my intention is to hire a ship there, which can easily be done by paying insurance for the owner, and to engage as many sailors as I think necessary among those who are accustomed to the whale fishing.” As he continues to go on his journey, he ends up getting a crew and ship and sails off on…show more content…
Once he reaches the north pole he is astonished to be in such lonely condition, that is when the entire ship gets stuck in ice. As they wait for the ice to break up and release the ship, the crew happens to find a mysterious figure that passes by. The crew is astonished by the figures massive size, as well as there being something out in middle of nowhere. AS the ice begins to break another figure appears but at a distance. The crew then goes to fetch the figure that has stopped halfway to the ship. They find a man by the name of Frankenstein that begins to say that he was chasing after that mysterious figure. “It was, in fact, a sledge, like that we had seen before,which had drifted towards us in the night on a large fragment of ice. Only one dog remained alive; but there was a human being within it whom the sailors were persuading to enter the vessel. He was not, as the other traveller seemed to be, a savage inhabitant of some undiscovered island, but a
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