Roberto Clemente Accomplishments

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Roberto Clemente Baseball Player All-star, hall of famer, and major league baseball player are three attributes that describe Roberto Clemente. Many people know the Roberto Clemente was a baseball player, but he was so much more. As a well known baseball player, Roberto Clemente inspired Americans that they shouldn’t judge baseball players by the color of their skin. He left a lasting legacy as one of the best right fielders in major league baseball. The origin of Roberto’s early life of baseball started when he watched a baseball game for the very first time. His childhood wasn’t the greatest considering his limitations. One of Roberto’s biggests limits was that he couldn’t sleep at night. He would always be thinking of baseball. People would say that whenever they saw Roberto, he was playing some form of baseball.(Maraniss) He would use a stick as a bat and a bottle cap as the ball or…show more content…
Clemente had collected a total of 3,000 hits in his career with the Pirates. This was a big factor that lead to him having won four National League batting titles. Along with his batting titles he also won 11 gold glove awards straight and was elected for the NL All-Star team 12 times. One of his biggest accomplishments was winning the MVP award in 1966. With what Clemente had accomplished with the Pirates, his career was very vital to him being a hall of fame baseball player. Clemente’s death was a very tragic event that happened in baseball history. Roberto Clemente’s death consists of many unhappy events. The cause of his death was a plane crash in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This event occurred in 1972 on New Years eve. He was on the plane to help with earthquake relief after an earthquake in Puerto Rico near his hometown. After the tragedy and to this day, Roberto Clemente’s body was never recovered after the crash. The death of Clemente led to another part of his
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