Roberto Clemente Biography

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1934 Roberto Clemente was born on August 18 ,1934 in Calonan,Puerto Rico.1943,As a child he played baseball with a crushed tin can and a broomstick.Sometimes, the made their bats with a branch from a guava tree.Roberto wanted a bike more than playing baseball.Roberto Clemente took a heavy jug of milk every morning and evening and got a penny.When he started playing as a kid nobody could strike him out. 1952 In 1952,Roberto Clemente went to a tryout to be drafted to a major league team.1954,he got drafted to to the Santurce Crabbers.Debating the Crabbers, in less than a month Roberto went to major league team tryout,and got drafted to the Brooklyn Dodgers with a ten thousand dollars!The most money that players from Puerto Rico was two hundred dollars and five…show more content…
That means he was the best baseball that year. Sports Writers pick the player that had the best season. In 1964 through 1965, Roberto had the greatest season that year. Roberto was a five tool baseball player. 1972 In 1972,Roberto Clemente stroke a double off the New York Mets pitcher, and that’s when he hit his three thousandth hit. The Mets pitcher threw a fastball down the “meat of the plate, and he hit a ground ball up the middle and the second baseman missed the ball for an error.Then the next day, the Mets pitcher was the pitcher that he had never hiten a base hit on then the first baseman handed he a bat and said,”Go get it.” Surely Roberto did and got his three thousandth hit. 1972 Sadly,he died in a plane crash to Nicaragua.Roberto died on December 31,1972 on the D7-7. He was only one in a half mile from shore,and the engine blew up.The plane, which had three people aboard,that was over weighted with more than two tons crashed in the Atlantic Ocean.Now,there is a metal statue in front of the baseball
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