Roberto Clemente Characteristics

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Puerto Rican, baseball record setter, legend of the game are three characteristics that people think of in connection to Roberto Clemente. Many people know that Roberto Clemente was a changer of baseball, but he was so much more. As a very humble man, Roberto Clemente showed America that through determination, commitment, and heart for the sport even a Puerto Rican can change the America for the better. He left a legacy as the 1st ever Puerto Rican to step on the field. Roberto Clemente had a very humble upbringing. His father oversaw and sugar-cane plantation which his wife helped out with sometimes. Other times his mother was doing laundry or running errands for the family. Growing up he took on little jobs to help support everyone. To keep…show more content…
The press often misquoted his words. For example, when Roberto Clemente said, “ Me like hot weather, very hot, I no run fast cold weather.” Opposing what was quoted, Roberto Clemente insisted, “I never in my life start a sentence with me.” He was also told that he over exaggerated his Spanish accent(Michael Beschloss, NYTimes). Many said he spoke “spanglish.” This was rude, they didn't understand how hard it could've been for him to learn the new language. Even his name was changed. Reporters called him Bob, because they felt uncomfortable using the Puerto Rican name. One fact they always had right was that he never let his home leave his mind. In his off time he ran baseball lessons and clinics all throughout Puerto Rico. He died on the way to bring supplies to Nicaragua, Puerto Rico after a tragic earthquake(Chandler, People Magazine). Roberto Clemente cared so much about back home when the earthquake occurred, he felt as if he lost his family. The legacy of Roberto Clemente still lives today. Dedicated and bold, Roberto Clemente inspired many to do their best. When they look back on Clemente's hard work, you push yourself to be your best, so that one day you can make a change. His actions influenced the choices of several around the world today. He has left a mark in the entire baseball world, and has definitely changed the history of the game
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