Robespierre: The Reign Of Terror

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Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre was elected by the National convention, and was leader of the ‘twelve-man Committee of Public safety’, which governed France at the climax of its revolution. Rapidly, the committee had forced upon its country policies, in hopes of stabilizing the French economy as well as the creation of a stronger and more successful French army. It started a number of counter-revolutionary uprisings, unleashing the Reign of Terror. However, Maximilien Robespierre was not father of the French Revolution, in fact, he was an unimportant character until 1791, and only became significant to the French revolution during his rise to power in 1793. Robespierre had been known by his peers as ‘the incorruptible’. Many historians assert he is one of the most controversial, yet, also misunderstood figures of the French Revolution. His name, emblematic, in the height of the French Revolution, better known as the Reign of Terror; Robespierre had certainly been a man of great influence and power within the events of the French Revolution. Historians, from different eras, and origins had very diverse opinion on Robespierre and the power he had come into possession of. While some, particularly his English and Austrian contemporaries, saw him as the ‘devil incarnate’ , others praised him as defender of democracy and promoter of liberty. Albeit, most historians acknowledge that he was one of the most important personage of the Revolution, shown beyond doubt
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