Robin Banks

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Closing Statements Intro Your Honor today the prosecution did in fact prove that the defendant Robin Banks is guilty of arson and murder. The defense witnesses that spoke today wasted our time starting with Collins Mr. Collins who attempts to give some background on Robin Banks character when they have on been friends for a few days or so they say in their statements. But on the night of the fire Banks told Chief Gray that she was not even an acquaintance of Collins. Collins and Banks whereabouts are unknown on the night of the fire and when they were picked up by the honorable Chief Gray, Collins refused to be arrested Chief Gray even reported that both Collins and Banks had the foul stench of accelerant when they were all together in the…show more content…
Buy didn’t “keep it like it is” then she would burn like a pyre. This sounds like a crazed woman, who was pushed over the line just because one of her murals was being removed. She is a professional artist so she has access to exact paint thinner that could have started the fire. Robin Banks has motive and hatred towards the Glutco company and she stopped at nothing to get revenge on them. Ending In the end your honor we all want justice for the death of a young woman whose life ended too early. The prosecution’s witness Chief Barbara Gray who is a true expert witness with over 10 years of experience in arson investigating. Chief Gray has testified not only for the prosecution but also the defense over 73 trials as an arson investigator. Chief Gray took all the necessary steps to help solve this case when she refused to speculate, sent all the samples to the AZ Department of Public Safety that confirmed that this fire was set intentionally. Chief Gray was even seeking persistent that Robin Banks seek medical attention for some burns on her skin while she was being questioned at the hospital, even though she refused treatment and became agitated and demanded a lawyer, and yet she wasn’t under arrest. Larry
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