Robin Black Short Story

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Divorced, beheaded, survived. To die is the only thing we can be sure of, that everybody will. Everybody will die, and you cannot do anything to live forever. You can live long, and some can live longer than others, but we will all die, sooner or later. This short story is about a woman called Sarah. She looks back at her childhood. When Sarah was a child she lost her big brother, Terry. Now, later in Sarah’s life, she needs to go through another loss, but this time it is her son, who losses his friend, Peter. I looked up the author, Robin Black, and I think she can relate to her short story herself. She got married, divorced and remarried. Sarah was also married two times, the first one was brief. She sees herself very much in her third child.…show more content…
It is too soon to die, when you are still a kid, and no one deserves to live through stuff like early deaths. But still, maybe it is destiny. But death is the one of the hardest things to get through. It does not become easier the older you get. There can be different types of factors for death. You can be very sick, like Terry, have physical damage, or you can be lucky to die of old age. Some people say, that you can die from grief. I do not think, that you can die from grief. You can die as a result of grief. You maybe stop eating or drinking, and that you can die for. But you cannot die exactly of grief. But another theme is also love. It is hard to lose someone, but losing someone you love is even harder. Death makes us appreciate life more, and the people, who are surrounding us. The name of the short story is ‘’Divorced, beheaded, survived’’. The name is a part of the rhythm: ’’ ‘’Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded survived’’, which refer to King Henry VIII six wives. He is divorced from his first wife, and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, got beheaded. The third wife dies, he is divorced from the fourth one, the fifth one is also beheaded, and the last wife survives. Death is something most of us do not want to face. It is hard for some people to admit, that everybody is going to die. Some loss feels unfair, and way to early. You have to let people use their time to grief. Maybe it is destiny and maybe it is not. I believe in destiny, and not many people do
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