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MAIN SECTION 1 - YOUR TEAM’S LADDER OF INFERENCE ON THE ROBIN HOOD PROBLEM (i) There were many problems that we had to deal with as a team. One of these main problems was the increasing popularity of the Merrymen and women whereby they were coming into the band in droves from all corners of England. This has led to a shortage in resources which are essential for the survival of our band. The lack of food has left Robin in a huge predicament. Because of the increase of volunteers from all over, there has been a loss of connection and little John has found it much harder to keep discipline among the men as well as a lack of organisation. These problems have only come to us recently and they need to be fixed as soon as possible as they are making…show more content…
It was highlighted in one of our group meeting that some aspects of the story were relevant to today’s present world. We used some parts of the story which coincided with past experiences to interpret the story. However, we did not let this dominate our assumptions. I believe that thinking this way was extremely useful when coming to our conclusions as it added layers to each part of the story as you read on. For example, we first tried to relate it to one of our own past experiences and then added to from the story from which we found meanings and finally we made assumptions based on these meanings. We found this a highly productive way of looking at Robin Hood’s…show more content…
I once again discovered that their commitment in regards to making assumptions based on the facts given in the Robin Hood story was brilliant and something that I am determined in adding to my own ladder of inference. Conclusion I have come to the conclusion that after I inspected my teams ladder if inference, I found that it helped us massively in deciding Robin Hoods problems. However making clear factual assumptions in regards to the story is something I think the group as a whole can work on. This workshop on the ladder of inferences showed me how to open my eyes to blind spots which is a huge lesson in life. I would be more than happy to discuss my recommendations and assumptions with you later on and follow on the decision you have

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