Robin Hood Heroism

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Howard Pyle presented a character that is well known around the world. Everyone has heard the name of Robin Hood, and everyone knows about the thing he did. According to Cech in his article Pyle’s Robin Hood: Still Merry After All These Years states “Robin is [a] shadow; he is the law-breaker, the thief, the defier of accepted authority… all that we were taught not to be” (Cech, 14). Even that, people still waiting for the next outlaw hero, and children still playing to Robin Hood. In The Merry adventures of Robin Hood, Robin Hood realized that the injustices are due to the bad men that take advantage of the situations, unfortunately these men are in a high social status and have power over others. During the whole book we observed Robin stealing front the rich but not giving something to the poor which is the contrast of what people know about Robin Hood. What makes look heroic to Robin hood in the book are three things. First, his great skills and intelligence that made him a great leader, and put him at the top of all merry men. Second, his friends that give support and add more features to the character. Finally, the authoritative figures that abuse of their authority, and give Robin Hood more reasons to still doing what he does. Robin Hood heroism is due to his skills, power figures that overwhelm his authority, and his friends that added values and different view of the world.
Robin Hood’s heroism is represented through his friend and all the people that surround him.

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