Robin Musg Character Analysis

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Robin Mussig was a very quiet as a child. She also grew up with both parents and a younger brother. She was born almost two months early. Even with being premature she did not experience any developmental challenges from that. Having a younger brother taught her how to stand up for what she believes in and what she wants in life. She grew up with multiple pets as a child and has learned the importance of having a companion whether it is an animal or a person. She also grew up hunting and fishing in which she learned about controlling animal populations and how to use the resources that are found in nature. She also attended two private Christian schools for elementary and high school. She now attends a Christian college and works at her family business when she is not at school. Growing up in a family business showed her that working is…show more content…
Being in a small school setting did not prepare her for a large learning environment in which one has to adapt quickly in order to succeed out sided of her school. She also participated in the fine arts production at her high school. Being in fine arts allowed her to express herself in a way that no other department could. She was able to be goofy as a character and learned how to use her strengths in her personality to bring the character to life. Theater also showed her how to function in a leadership roles. Robin also grew up surrounded by people who are Christians and love servicing others. Through their influence she was able to see the need for medical missions. This happened by her attending three missions trips to the Dominican Republic with a group from her high school. By attend the missions trips she was able to see that she has a love for both missions and people’s physical heath. Her love of serving and caring about other people has given her a passion for
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