Robin Turner's Case Summary

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The reporting party (RP) reported receiving a complaint from Robin Turner (360) 508-9344. According to the complainant approximately 2 months ago her granddaughter age 3 arrived home, removed her clothing and began touching her private body parts and posing sexually. The complainant questioned the child who stated she was playing the way she plays at her child care. Subsequently the complainant informed the child the play was inappropriate. On 3/13/17 at approximately 6PM while seated at the dinner table waiting for dinner to be served, the child stood up, removed her pants, protruded her "ass in a sexualized manner" and began touching her "butt." The child was redirect to an appropriate activity. While preparing for her evening shower, the child removed her pants, protruded her "ass" towards her grandmother and asked several times for the grandmother to "spank her butt."…show more content…
The child ran into the room of her brother, age 10 and grabbed him by his private parts and squeezed exclaiming repeatedly "I 'm squishing your nuts." When asked regarding her behavior, the child responded saying she was playing "doctor" the same way at her child care. The grandmother discussed the situation with the child 's teacher (name not provided) who stated "they were just playing doctor" with another girl. According to the teacher, she discussed the issue with the other child 's parents and the matter was handled. The grandmother requested to view videos due to the facility being equipped with camera; however, she was informed the cameras did not work. The teacher assured the grandmother the situation would not happen again. The grandmother believes the other child has been exposed to inappropriate situation and/or sexual abuse or neglect; however the teacher refuses to report the suspected child

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