Robin Williams Case Study

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This case study will be dedicated to the late comedian, Robin Williams. This will trace Mr. Williams 's mental health roots from childhood from when he first began to have intense stints of depression that followed him throughout his whole life until he died in 2014. Robin Williams, also had a very bad substance abuse problem, especially during his early fame days. Most people who have addictions often times turn to drugs to cope with situations that are just too hard to deal with. It 's their way of running away with physically going anywhere. What was Robin running from that he could not confront the pain from? The reason why I wanted to explore the mental health issues of Robin Williams is to dispel the misconception that money and fame can provide happiness in a person 's life. No matter how humorous a person presents themselves to others, usually that clown masks hides a tormented soul. Deep down, a person in a depressive state may feel like their lives are hopeless. That feeling and profound sadness can take a person to a dark realm of their mind that they may find hard to return from, that is if they don 't want to stay in that realm. Case Study Demographics In 2014 on August 11th, the world became devastated upon learning the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams. More so it was not the fact of him dying, but the fact that he took his own life. As open as he was with some of his personal struggles, a lot of people were still in shock. Even close friends were
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