Robinson Crusoe Analysis

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EL 101 Into to Fiction
The Novel form Robinson Crusoe
The word novel or its definition ‘new news’ was made as a one-time read, but what makes Daniel Defoe’s novel a novel? This can come down to a number of things. The basic foundations to a novel could include a plot, a developing story, genre, style and a title. A sense of realism contributes to the form. The text can relate to shared audience. It must be over an extended amount of time instead of a single day.
The form of a novel is not a set concept, though it is forever changing in structure and format. There are no specific rules when creating a novel. The novel can be mixed with anything and thus be anything it wants. There are some small restrictions that apply to novels. There must be a plot which contains characters in a developing story, but in Crusoe there is little evidence of a plot. The novel can concentrate on the point of view of one or more characters. A novel can create a resistance between romance and realism. It can project a window into the past and a collection of made up images.
Daniel Defoe’s, Robinson Crusoe as a form.
The novel as a form can also be influenced by genre e.g. comedy, romance, adventure etc. The context can be influenced by the year the author was born and the society they lived in. The style also can be important. It reflects the writer’s skills and raises questions. Is it slow and simple? Or do the words just flow off the page? The title also has a great
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