Robinson Crusoe Essay Outline

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Robinson Crusoe was a typical 18 year old that lived in Yorkshire, England. He wanted to become a sailor, but his parents didn’t approve because he may die in the ocean because of a storm or because of pirates. But once Robinson had a chance to go out to sea, he took it. He soon had many adventures and voyages to different parts of the world. He learned to be a merchant and a true sailor. In one of his voyages a violent hurricane struck and damaged the ship. Seeing that the ship was in no condition to continue in their trip they decide to stop somewhere to repair the ship. But as they headed there a second storm hits which completely ravaged the ship. He alone remained alive, but he was cast away to an island in the middle of nowhere, with…show more content…
He was so frightened when he thought that a group of savages had come to the island, had found his canoe and were looking for him in that particular moment to kill him and eat him, that he ran as fast as he could to his fortress. He didn’t went out of his fortress for some time. Then his courage returned and he began to talk himself out of his fears. He decides to be armed at all times and to strengthen his fortress just to be prepared for an attack. For the next 2 years, Robinson stayed away from eastern shore where he had seen the footprint, and so decided to explore the western end. There he was horrified, when he saw some remains of a fire lying in the sand beside some bones of the human body. He was shocked when he saw that the savages had had a bloody feast on the bodies of other human beings. He started vomiting uncontrollably and then he ran as fast as he could to his fortress. He swore never to go back to the western end of the island. For the next 2 years, he was cautious and stayed alert whenever he went out of his fortress. He had decided that if he saw the cannibals again, the wisest thing to do would be to hide so that they don 't know there was somebody else on the island. In that moment his safety was his top
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