Robot Observation

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During this project a computer was used to run the Adobe illustrator software and I created my own version of a robot. By using adobe illustrator, I had access to various techniques and designs. I also used various art elements to create my robot. The shape of the robot is square in the face and oval shaped for the body. I used a variation of the color yellow throughout to represent the cartoon character Spongebob. I also used splashes of color such as reds, blues, and greens to give my robot character. There were a few details on my robot that had texture within them. The eyebrows are grainy, the necktie is rigid, and the arms have a pliable texture. In my art work, space is shown where the background and the body of the robot meet which is on the shoulders of the robot, the right side of the body, and the left foot. The…show more content…
This is appropriate for the content because when someone is viewing the work of art, they will look at it in its entirety then notice the elements and details. The subject matter would be the robot itself just as the focal point. In this work of art, I am trying to communicate that not all robots are the same. My robot is a play off of the character spongebob so I showed elements from that character in my robot. There is also unity and balance because there is stability through the artwork. My robot has an asymmetrical balance, so by dividing the artwork in half it won 't have the exact same elements. However, the elements they do have are varied and do balance one another. Throughout the work, there are details that create rhythm, direction and repetition. The details that create a visual tempo are the arms, neck, and legs, the screws on the body, and the flowers on the background. I think this is a satisfactory amount of composition considering the skill level, and purpose of the project. There were different organizing principles used but they all came together to create a great work of

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