Robotic Prosthetics

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Something that is robotic can perform complex task, automatically or without direct control of a user. Robotics has many applications from entertainment to manufacturing. It is a progressing field and more uses are being discovered, improved, and integrated constantly. One such use is biotic replacement and enhancement. Uses such as improving human motion or even giving the ability of motion to those who have lost it.
Robotic prosthesis is an area of study which examines the use of robotics to replace human limbs. This can be used to help the physically disabled or impaired, giving them new self sufficiency. This was not long ago thought to be an idea of science fiction but work to this end has been proven to be a realistic goal. Research has already show substantial results, such as research done at the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, one of many research groups have shown results in controlling mechanical limbs with only the same thought required to move a natural arm, interfacing the body with machine ("Will a robotic arm ever have the full functionality of a human limb?").
This research does not only extend to arms, there are as many or more research facilities that are looking into artificial legs. The first artificial leg with powered knee and ankle joints as well
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Researchers at Caltech University have recently been experimenting with the viability on brain surgery to give patients simpler control over the arm by receiving information from the part of the brain that controls intent to move, the PPC or the Posterior Parietal Cortex (Stoller-Conrad). Though this does required implanting in the patients brain it does show the ability to give patients greater of control over the limb itself. Whether or not this becomes standard still serves to show the broad range of options that this field could take in the
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