Robotic Technology In The Military

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In recent years, there is an enormous interest in the discussion about technology in our contemporary world. Technology also known as innovation is becoming an irreplaceable part of current elementary life. One of the developed parts of the present-day technology is robotic technology and its existence in our modern society is an ordinary thing. Robot is a mechanical device programmable by computer that can make complex missions (Oxford Dictionary 2014), which can be useful and at the same time it is a destructive and hazardous machine. Therefore, robots have consumer demand and, of course, use in many different areas like medicine, manufacture and military. Military use robotic technology in order to make their army more innovative and more efficiently powerful. The powered exoskeleton also known as just an exosuit for soldiers is the one of the ways of military’s enhancement because it has many crucial advantages. This project discusses the main impacts of the use of robotic technology in a military. Also it supports the application of the powered exoskeleton and its influence on military area, particularly.

The powered exoskeleton is a wearable robot or mechanical device which can augment the user’s strength and endurance whereby user do not be overloaded and exosuit is given to user to have almost superhuman opportunities. A robotic exoskeleton is an orthotic device with with appropriate joints and links to the human joints and links and it transfers moment of force
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