Robotics: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Robots

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Technology has been advancing over a number of years to where it is now. New technologies are being created on a daily bases to improve quality of life and our experiences. Today I will be looking at; Robotics and the advantages and disadvantages that it imposes.
Roboticists are persons who develop a man-made mechanical device. These mechanical devices motion behaviour are sensed, planned, modelled, operated and controlled which is influenced by programming. Robots that achieve their specified task in an unstructured environment are deemed intelligent. The intelligent integration of components by system integration, achieving task by an operated mechanical device is to a large extent robotics. The boundaries of robotics is not clearly defined
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The arm positions the end effector and sensors to do their pre-programmed business. Some arms resemble that of a human, and have shoulders, elbows, wrist, even fingers. This enables to position itself in its environment and do things in place of a human arm. A robot uses 7 degrees of freedom; each direction a joint can go gives an arm 1 degree. Artificial intelligence is a combination of sophisticated hardware and software with elaborate databases and knowledge based processing models to demonstrate characteristics of human decision making. An artificial system should be functional, able to manufacture, designable and marketable. Robotics involves mechanical, computer controlled devices to perform tasks of extreme precision or tedious or hazardous work by people. Artificial intelligence planning techniques are used to program robot behaviours and works toward robots as technical devices that are developed and controlled by human engineer. Industrial robots are rarely mobile only a few are mounted on tracks and mobile within their work station. Service robots are the only kind to travel autonomously, research on mobility is extensive. The robots navigate through unstructured environment encountering unseen obstacles. Technical barriers are raised by locomotion being walking on two appendages or on
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