Robots: A Hero's Journey

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Robots: A Hero’s Journey If there is a story, there will be a hero. A hero usually takes center stage in a work and entertains the audience with their spectacular characterization that illuminates them to be far more engaging than the remainder of the cast. Most heroes fall into a mold that transcribes them with a society’s desired traits. Often times a hero gleams with characteristics of being brave, charismatic, funny, driven, and just. One could look anywhere to locate a hero, yet the movie Robots offers up an elite example heroism with the main character Rodney. This ambitious bot chose to venture into a world to follow his dreams and make his father proud. Rodney’s characteristic traits of ambition, diligence, and leadership efficiently…show more content…
Even as a child, Rodney was fully capable of pioneering new ideas that devoted people like his father believed in; however Rodney’s true potential to lead came roughly halfway into his journey when he met his new group of associates. These outdated automatons aimlessly sought the meager components of survival; they would not dare to dream of a more ideal world in such an oppressive environment. Most robots slowly decayed as spare parts became more and more sparse. The hardworking Rodney stole the opportunity and decided to use his self-attained gifts to benefit the people around him. The repairs to the robots, rebuilt the community’s enthusiasm, and soon people thought beyond survival. They longed to have more than the bare minimum and near unanimously decided to stand up for themselves against a greater power. Rodney’s action inspired a collection of people to revolutionize their society much like many great leaders from history. It was not just a kind act that gave Rodney the recognition, but the people saw potential and capability of change within him. Rodney’s actions and effects subsequently repeat themselves on a much larger scale at the movie’s climax. With the villain standing at full force boasting about a new found power, Rodney makes his final stand with a rag-tag group of individuals against impossible odds. His followers stand by him and follow his lead even in the face of death; this brave scene further inspires a complete anarchy among the townsfolk. These people who just let the wind blow are prepared to risk their lives for their beliefs entirely thanks to Rodney’s presence. He inspired the faith of people from just a few bold actions; his leader-like qualities and momentous actions toward freedom let him easily cement himself as a hero in robot
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